Fox Movie Manager

Fox Movie Manager 1.14

Catalog your movie collection and record film information


  • Attractive interface
  • Lots of ways of categorizing movies
  • Powerful search


  • No option to sort by reference number
  • Interface is a little daunting at first


Most of us have a fair stack of DVDs kicking about the house these days and with so many drawers, cupboards and attics in today's homes it can be very difficult to keep track of your film collection.

Fox Movie Manager is one of a plethora of software applications designed to help you keep your flicks in order. The unusual thing about this app though is its interface, which is drop dead gorgeous, complete with a shiny black background and high quality posters from each movie.

The interface is more than just a pretty face though, and it contains some nifty cataloging tools, such as the ability to view most searched-for films, and a cool title and title page navigator that gives you a summary of each film when you mouseover its image.

There are a wealth of different panels locked within the interface that let you manage your film loans, list films that you haven't seen yet, and make use of a powerful search function.

Fox Movie Manager can get a little overwhelming at times due to the sheer number of windows and panels that adorn the interface. It would have also been nice to see a field for recording entries by number, as many enthusiasts like to categorize their DVDs in this way.

The Fox Movie Manager takes movie collection software to a new level. Your entire movie collection is brought to your fingertips without a click of the mouse, with popup summary windows.

Best of all, all of your movies' information is downloaded from the web, so forget wasting time with typing information in manually. Other features such as a movie queue, featured movies section, random movie picker, and loan tracker make the Fox Movie Manager a must for anyone with a movie collection.

Fox Movie Manager


Fox Movie Manager 1.14

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